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09 May 2014 @ 08:18 pm

Day 15: your favorite song that showcases vocal expertise
TVXQ – Tonight

Now Tonight isn’t my first choice for a TVXQ power ballad. Love in the Ice and Bolero are, but those are from their Japanese discography (yes I know Love in the Ice was made into a Korean version, but it’s just not the same imo). However, that doesn’t mean Tonight is anything to sneeze at. The vocals are gorgeous, the harmonies flawless, and the back and forth verses are just ASDFGHJKL; My bias is showing but Junsu shines the most in the song. I think this song was the first time I really noticed Junsu’s vocals. I mean I always knew he could sing, but I guess I focused more on Jaejoong back then.

If you have any doubts about TVXQ’s singing ability, I suggested you listen to this song right now with headphones. You will not regret it, I promise.

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08 May 2014 @ 10:29 pm

Day 14: a song that you like to dance to
TVXQ – Spellbound

As promised, I’ve included one of TVXQ’s 10th anniversary songs in 30Days. Yay~!

This song is my jam. I even have it set as my alarm, lol. It’s weird actually because normally when I set a song as my alarm, I grow to despise it. That’s not the case with Spellbound,  but who can resist the “suri surima suri susuri saba"s? Anyways, I think a huge reason for Spellbound being my jam is because of the dancers in the music video. The choreography is amazing, and the director of the Spellbound definitely used it to his/her advantage. And I am so glad this transitioned into their live performances.

Now I love TVXQ. I really, really do. But the ladies killed this song, lbr. Well visually. Musically, it’s all the boys. But again, I don’t think I would’ve like this song as much dance wise without the background dancers.

On a side note, I’m so glad they got rid of those hideous neck tattoos from Something.

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Day 11: your favorite song from a girl group
After School - Because of You

So it was unusually hard to find a version of this MV posted by Pledis. Strange because I could find an official release of one of their early songs, AMOLED with Son Dam Bi, but not their first song to go number one.

Anyways, I really love this song. imo it’s the best song After School has released. I guess I’m just a sucker for r&b dance ballads. My favorite part is Bekah’s rap, though tbh I pretty much say that about all After School pre (Bekah’s) Graduation songs. I miss her, so trust me when I say I was ecstatic that she collaborated with Kahi on her recent mini album.

Because of You era was also the beginning of what we now recognize as After School, and by that I mean their system of graduating and adding new members (a system also used by Japanese girl group Morning Musume).

Day 12: your favorite song from a boy band
MBLAQ – Smoky Girl

When Smoky Girl  first came out, I didn’t pay any attention to it. I don’t keep up with MBLAQ as much as I do with girl or SM groups. Well that’s not completely true. I usually know when they release something, it’s just a matter of checking it out or not.

I am so glad I gave Smoky Girl a try. I love it so much! If you are like me and overlooked this release, listen to it right now! The song is so smooth and catchy. Maybe I’m being a bit biased, but Joon’s parts are my favorite. Oh and the “baby girl"s are just ASDFGHJKL; Also, I normally don’t pay that much attention to Mir’s rap, but it is really good here.

Day 13: your favorite song from a soloist
Son Dam Bi – Cry Eye

Cry Eye is one of my all time favorite kpop songs, and my favorite R&B dance song. I really really wish Son Dam Bi would go back to this style. Tbh, I haven’t really liked anything of hers since Bad Boy.

Cry Eye is Son Dam Bi’s debut single. Pledis, her agency, marketed her as the female Rain. From the performance above, you can see why. She is a good dancer. Actually, something about this era, specifically this performance reminds me a lot of Ciara’s Get Up.

What is up with Pledis not posting their artists videos that were released prior to them getting an offical YouTube?

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04 May 2014 @ 12:42 pm

Day 09: your favorite debut song
The Grace - Boomerang

Since I consider BoA and TVXQ jpop acts as well as kpop, I decided to exclude them from this prompt. Other wise you would’ve been spammed by at least three songs each because there is no way I can choose. I really wanted to pick a typical Hallyu group that isn’t fluent in Japanese but releases songs in the Japanese market regardless. I was going to go with an SNSD song because I love their Japanese discography. Their kpop title tracks are almost always strong, but when it comes to the rest of an album/mini/single I usually only like 1-2 other songs. With their jpop stuff, it’s the opposite. But, I think I’m going to post something by their label mates and seniors, The Grace, or Tenjochiki in Japan.

Like Zhang Li Yin, The Grace is from SM and does not have a large discography. Currently two of the members have formed a subunit called The Grace-DANA&SUNDAY, and another member, Stephanie, has gone solo. The Grace was unfortunately marketed as the female TVXQ which brought backlash from some TVXQ fans. They were also mostly active prior to the resurgence of girl groups in kpop which can explain why they never gained popularity. The Grace is incredibly talented, so if you have not checked them out before you should do so right now.

I decided to post their debut song Boomerang for this post (it’s a remake of their Korean debut). I’ll admit, I didn’t like this song at first but it grew on me and I really love it now. It’s a typical SMP (sm produced) song, so if that’s your style I’m pretty sure you’ll like this.

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03 May 2014 @ 10:27 am

Day 09: your favorite debut song
BAP – Warrior

Initially I was going to go with SHINee’s Replay because it is epic, amazing, flawless, and the best song they ever released. As I was going to make this post, BAP’s WARRIOR started playing on my iTunes. It is BAP’s debut song, and like SHINee, it is their best song in their discography. I really love this song. I love the cross between urban and dance, plus Bang Yong Guk kills it. His voice is really deep and asdfghjkl; This song has always been on my recently played list since the moment it came out. I’m not tired of it yet, and tbqh I don’t think I ever will be.

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02 May 2014 @ 02:09 pm
Day 08: a song from your favorite K-Pop album
My top 3 kpop albums are TVXQ’s Mirotic, f(x)’s Pink Tape, and BoA’s Girls on Top. Although I have the most songs from f(x)’s Pink Tape on my iTunes, I decided to go with BoA’s Girls on Top, because to me, it’s iconic and very well made overall. Since Girls on Top is the title track, I decided to post it though I really wanted to use Do You Love Me. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think she’s only performed it once and it was only like a minute long or something. The album is dance, pop, urban, r&b which is probably why I love it so much. My favorite track is Addiction.

BoAGOT     Moto
    Do You Love Me? ♥
    Girls on Top ♥
    If You Were Here
    Love Can Make a Miracle
    Addiction ♥
    Freak In Me ♥
    Garden in the Air ♥
    I Spy ♥
    Can’t Let Go
    Heroine ♥
    Breathe Again

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Day 04: a song by your favorite male idol
So I may have cheated a little since XIA (or Kim Junsu) was a member of TVXQ from my Day 2 post. But whatever, it’s not like there is really anyone else. I mean dont get me wrong; I like Rain and Se7en, but I’m more of a casual listener than a stan. And I cant really think of anyone else at the moment.

Tarantallegra (crosses fingers that I spelled that right) is a really good dance song. The MV is a cross between really good and lolzy, but its kpop so what can you do? I really wish that Junsu would continue to release more dance tracks like this. I love him to death, I do, but he fills his albums up mostly with ballads which has never been my favorite genre.

Day 05: a song by your favorite female idol
To me, BoA is, and forever will be, the Queen of Kpop. She was one of the first kpop artists I ever listened to, and has always been one of my favorites. She is a really good performer and almost always sings live.

I chose My Name not only because it is one of my favorite songs from BoA, but because of how much I loved the performances from this era, the concept, and the R&B / dance feel of the song.

Day 06: a song from the year you started listening to K-Pop
I think I started kpop around 2006. I remember Happy Feet came out around the time, so I just googled its release date to figure out what year I started kpop, lol. I’m unsure as to why that’s how I remember… I know I said in a previous post that I didn’t really like ballads (as I mention above on Day 4), well I don’t unless they’re really dramatic or showcase vocal talents. Timeless does both. Usually in kpop, ballads conform to a certain mold that I find dry and boring. It’s very rare for me to like a kpop ballad that isn’t produced for an SM artist with strong vocal talents.

I remember the first time I watched this MV (jsyk, there are two parts). I cried. I’m not kidding, there were waterworks. Though I didn’t cry as much as I did when I watched Gummy’s I’m Sorry.

Timeless serves as the debut of Zhang Liyin (Jang Ri In in Korean). She is an underrated artist under SM, who planned to use her to break into the Chinese market (way before Super Junior-M and EXO-M). She’s been around for seven years but has only released 1 album, 2 singles, and was a feature artist in the second reincarnation of SM the Ballad. Timeless came out in 2006 and features then TVXQ member Xiah Junsu.

Day 07: a song released this year
I was really tempted to post something TVXQ for this because this year is their 10th anniversary, and because I love them so very much. But since I think I’m going to use one of the title tracks later on (and I think I should add something non-SM to this challenge), I’ll use Something by Girl’s Day that came out this year in January. Something was also the name of one of TVXQ’s title tracks from this year. More irony from 30 Days of Kpop, yay~

I really like this song. I like the direction some kpop girl groups are going with the R&B-esque dance ballads (SISTAR’s Alone, Secret’s TALK THAT, etc). This genre really suits Girl’s Day and I hope they continue with it for their new release set for this summer. Also, I think I should note that Minah (Girl’s Day’s lead vocalist) absolutely nails this song.

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27 April 2014 @ 01:44 pm

Day 03: a song from your favorite girls group

SNSD is my favorite kpop girl group. I was torn between posting The Boys or Run Devil Run. I ultimately choose The Boys because I loved this era the most. I really love the American pop/dance vibe the song gives off (tho ugh I could do without the chant / talk-rap parts). I also really enjoyed the MV, which is more than I can say for their most recent release, Mr.Mr. (and it had so much potential too).

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26 April 2014 @ 02:12 pm
Day 02: a song from your favorite boys group

TVXQ will forever hold a very special place in my heart. Although they were not the first boy band I fell in love with, (that would be Backstreet Boys, lol) they are most certainly my all time favorite.

My favorite TVXQ song is O. It’s the first kpop song I ever obsessed over, and if I had a proper play count record since I first heard it, it would be the song I’ve listened to the most. I’m 99% certain that I’ve listened to it over 1000 times. Actually, it’s probably more than that…

If you haven’t listened to this, I highly recommend that you do.

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25 April 2014 @ 02:44 pm
I really liked the music meme on aramatheydidnt so much that I've decided to a 30 day song challenge... but for KPOP.

Day 01: the song that introduced you to kpop
Gosh, that was so long ago. I think I was in 8th grade. I remember my friend on deviantArt sent me a link of a video with this guy she said looked like the real life version of Sasuke Uchiha (lol). I was in my Naruto phase, so I of course had to check it out. The first song I ever heard performed by a kpop group is O Holy Night by TVXQ and BoA. So technically, that is the song that introduced me to kpop. The first kpop song I ever heard was the the song that followed, TVXQ's debut song Hug. Needless to say, after I say this performance I instantly fell in love with TVXQ and was propelled into the worlds of both kpop and jpop. This is ironically around the time my anime/manga phase ended.

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